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The Codger Pole
Colfax, WA

On Armistice Day in 1938, the small wheat land towns of Colfax and St. John held their annual high school football rivalry. It was the last game of the season and after being soundly defeated in the bitter cold and blowing snow, the Colfax seniors limped off the field wishing they could play the game over when they might have real cleats and something other than depression era, hand-me-down, thread bare uniforms.

Fifty years later in 1988, John Crawford, one of the Colfax players, organized a "rematch". Most of the "old codgers" from both teams managed to return and wearing their school colors and original numbers, they played a bit of an exhibition game. This pole, carved from 4 cedar logs, was erected in a tiny park in Colfax to commemorate the event. Each of the players and their personalities were captured by master carver, Johnathan Labenne.

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