The West - robertsjohnj


Another view of this unique resort. For those who asked, no, we didn't stay there as we were heading to Monument Valley that night. We did stay at an Aman resort in Bali years ago when the USD was very strong.

You may be able to tell that rainy dark days are returning to the northwest as I am digging into to my archives to find photos to post.

I apologize for being slack here for the last week. I've been rebuilding my SmugMug appearance and structure and it's taken a lot of time and I don't know if I kike it yet. I can do a little HTML and CSS but I need a lot of pre-built code to copy and plenty of reference guides.

I've also spent some time trying to get comfortable with Google + and finding the best way to post to there from SmugMug. The compartmentalization of G+ is very attractive and I think Google's privacy/security policies are much better than Facebook's. It's still in Beta and by invitation only. Each user that get's on the program can invite 150 others. I have about 140 invitations left. If you are interested, look here ( ), and then send me an email. You may have to type the url as the "+" sign seems to be interfering with the hyperlink.