The West - robertsjohnj

2 Nov 2010

Fire on the Mountain, Flames in the River

Taken just after sunrise at Smith Rock, Oregon. Smith Rock State Park is located in thecentral high desert just 9 miles NE of Redmond. Its sheer cliffs, 550 feet high, are ideal for rock climbing of all difficulty levels. Smith Rock is generally considered the birthplace of modern American sport climbing, and has over 1800 climbing routes. A bit of the sunlit rock face can be seen reflected in Crooked River in the bottom of the canyon.

I had been so intently hovered over my tripod and camera that I had lost track of time and surroundings. When I finally turned I found that 9 deer had meandered between me and my SUV which I had parked about 30 feet behind me. They remained unperturbed, munching on sweet grass, as I slowly walked through them and quietly packed my gear into my rig and drove off.