Japanese Gardens - robertsjohnj

... and the tentacles snaked out of the shadows searching, seeming to sense where a tasty camera might be focused on a floral decoy, unaware that the precious silicon at its heart might be mere seconds away from being ripped from its sleek, stylish body.
...... (sorry, I learned punctuation and sentence structure by reading Kerouac and Joyce)

I have reactivated a photo Blog that I've been playing with off and on. Unlike the Daily Photo post here at SmugMug, the blog will often contain commentary, more details about the photo (environment, weather conditions, purpose, etc) and sometimes notes on post processing. Each post may also contain a photography related quote, a relevant poem or bit of prose, or anything else that might enhance it.
If you would be interested, you can view it at: http://johnrobertsphotography.wordpress.com/

Japanese garden 20112011 dailyslide