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Tall Poppy

When I lived in Australia I often heard the phrase, "tall Poppy" or "tall Poppy syndrome". It refers to something outstanding being the first to fall. e.g. The tallest poppy gets picked first, the tallest trees are felled before the others, the politician first to declare is the first to get hammered, etc.

This is the first of our Oriental Poppies to bloom. It stood quite tall as I was standing erect and my lens was only between 12 and 16 inches away. Fortunately for it, it was only the first to be photographed, not plucked. When I saw it this morning, I couldn't resist filling a screen with its glorious red-ness.

Having just "popped out", its petals were still "un-crinkling". The petals had carried some of the blue pollen away when they had separated from the whorl of stamens around the seed pod. I used a little Tonal Contrast on the petals and a smidgen of Output Sharpening on the edges. No colors were harmed (or adjusted) in producing this image. I went back to the garden to check that the red and blue tones were correct.

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