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Trillium ovatum

This particular species is a Northwest native growing in open shade in our coniferous forests. Each stalk has 3 leaves and 1 flower. The flower has only 3 petals. They are very difficult to propagate in a domestic garden.

I've been away from the Dailies for a bit as I'm trying to get my garden worked and planted in between rain showers and occasional sleet. Today was the first above 50 this year. Onions, lettuce and radishes are in. Cabbage, brussel sprout and asparagus starts have taken hold. Peas are about an inch and a half high. Various squash and pumpkin seeds have sprouted in the kitchen window.

A fellow photog and myself are finally going up to shoot the Skagit Valley tulips early tomorrow morning (rain or shine) so may not post again until the weekend.

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