Flora - robertsjohnj

Backyard Bounty

Not all of my garden produced as well as this. The cabbage and Brussel sprouts are way behind schedule, and the squashes and pumpkins are empty vines. The peas and rhubarb did well and I think we'll have a decent crop of potatoes. The carrots are healthy and should be good to pull up throughout the winter. It didn't get hot enough early enough to bother putting in beans. Onions and chard didn't do well and grubs got the radishes.

I dug some horse radish in June and might dig some more next week as it is huge. The garlic wintered over well and started strong but now the tops look a little small.

I've never had a season like this. I've given my wife the Old Farmer's Almanac and seed catalogs to use for kindling her evening fire in the patio pit. Thank goodness for farmers' markets.